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Être Farms is a luxurious and rustic wedding venue located in St. Joseph, Michigan. Être has combined modern design with an outdoor barn feel with details unmatched.

Branding, Web Design, Marketing
Être Farms
October 2020

Être Farms | Color Palette

Services Provided

  1. Branding Strategy
  2. Color Scheme
  3. Web Design
  4. SEO Optimization
  5. Print Design
  6. Blog Posting
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Product Photography
  9. Market Research

Brand Recognition

Être is an up and coming wedding venue in Saint Joseph, Michigan. Currently in construction stage, Être is set to open Spring 2022.

To prepare for the grand opening, Être sought out Dhanda Designs to prepare a branding package, create a website, and provide marketing efforts to generate potential leads prior to Spring 2022.

Our first step in the branding process was to combine Être's current logo with a completely different color palette to help showcase their unique venue. Our palette consists of neutral colors mixed with hints of gold and green to mix warm and cool tones to match their rustic exterior and modern interior.

Être Farms | Magazine / Book Cover

Web Design

The next phase in our branding strategy was to design and develop a website that not only showcases their venue, but also expresses the distinctive details that Être has to offer. Our web design concept consists of modern wedding elements, blogging techniques, and simple integrations that provide an overall user-friendly experience.

Added Details

Our web design has many opportunities for couples to connect with the venue even if they are not local. We provided a layout that reveals informative features about the venue. On top of the unprecedented main pages, we also added in wedding theme inspiration pages that each have color palettes, images, and invitation mock ups. This was incorporated into the site to offer couples the chance to see popular themes in action.

Social Media Marketing

Along with the creation of email marketing campaigns and blog content, we also provide Être with social media management. We run advertisements, have a set posting schedule with curated imaging, and push to increase overall organic engagement.

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