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ndeavor Physical Therapy provides the highest quality outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, and hand therapy services in Austin, Texas. Endeavor Physical Therapy promotes recovery and provides treatment services and outpatient physical therapy for a wide range of injuries.

Endeavor Physical Therapy
February 2019

Endeavor Physical Therapy | Direct Mailer Campaign

Services Provided:

  1. Direct Mail Designs
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Market Research
  4. Digital Advertisements
  5. Video/Photography

Endeavor Physical Therapy is one of Austin’s most well known and respected health care facilities. Endeavor has expanded to areas surrounding Austin and is continuing to grow. To contribute to Endeavor’s ongoing development, Dhanda Designs provided social media marketing, digital advertisements, and print designs.

To acclimate with advances in technology, Dhanda Designs began with creating social media accounts and designing images to increase engagement and spread brand awareness. With the success of our social media scheduling and overall design concepts, Endeavor expressed interest in digital advertisements. We have designed and monitored multiple advertisements for Endeavor on Facebook, Instagram, and Linked-in.

Endeavor Physical Therapy | Social Media

Digital Advertising

Our marketing campaigns consist of images and videos. Endeavor's video advertisements were very successful.

Print Advertising

Endeavor’s social media and digital advertisements continue to be the driving force in spreading brand awareness, increasing web traffic, decreasing bounce rates, and building relationships with patients and physicians.

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