Wellspring Plastic Surgery
Founded by Austin, Texas’ acclaimed plastic surgeons Dr. Claude-Jean Langevin and Dr. Jeffrey Cone, Wellspring Plastic Surgery is a name known around the community as the leading force in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetic care.

Wellspring Plastic Surgery desired to modernize the brand by changing color schemes, updating the logo, and strengthening marketing efforts. Along with the changes in their logo design, Wellspring sought out Dhanda Designs to produce a modern and fully functional website. Wellspring, being that it is a healthcare facility, required multiple compliance-related portals and age restriction verifications enabled within the site. Wellspring’s ultimate goal was to have a modern platform that displayed a mix of lifestyle and alluring designs. With over one hundred 5 star reviews, all Wellspring needed was the correct marketing tools to expand their clientele.

Our first step was to re-design Wellspring’s logo. Starting with the color scheme, Dhanda Designs combined Wellspring’s previous logo and combined a modern color palette using blue and gray hues. By making color changes, we were able to completely re-invent their brand. Leveraging the new brand aesthetic, we designed a fully functional website brimmed with stylistic images, engaging content and an overall modern platform.

To produce outstanding marketing results, we began by designing multiple advertisements in the form of photos and videos. We ran multiple A/B tests in order to determine which advertisement performed the best. In conjunction with the digital advertisements, we designed a landing page for individuals to learn more about the practice and offer a way for Wellspring to obtain leads.

As a recently launched website, we are continuing to gather data. On launch day, Wellspring had a 80% increase in web traffic.

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