Enrique Hazel
President | Endeavor Physical Therapy
"Dhanda Designs has been amazing with Endeavor Physical Therapy. At no time has it been more evident than during the pandemic when they were able to help us objectively shift our marketing strategy and create marketing material and digital marketing that helped us through that time. Dhanda Designs' digital work is inspirational, and the print designs have been impactful. It is difficult to measure positive impact their work has done for us, but it is evident by our journey and now growth during this time. Dhanda Designs' ability to collaborate and help create a strategic plan was invaluable! We are forever indebted for their work."
Meagan Smith
Marketing | Wellspring Plastic Surgery
"I cannot say enough good things about Dhanda Designs!! We partnered with them initially to redo our outdated website. They not only did a phenomenal job with the new site, but were always available to answer questions or make adjustments. We had struggled with website companies in the past not being responsive after hiring them, so this was greatly appreciated! Now that our site is done, we decided to partner with them again on some marketing strategies and the experience overall has been amazing! This company is truly a one stop shop!!"
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